A day in the life of…

So I decided to do some picture journaling to show the different facets of my life. I am a Believer, a Wife, a mom of 3 under three a Minister and the list goes on. Don’t get my wrong I don’t think that droves of people are biting their nails waiting to see what I fed my children today, but I always get questions about how in the world I manage to raise these kids work full time support my husband and write on the side with a smile on my face. So I figured I would chronicle the reality of a day in my life. Granted I don’t think it makes for life changing journalism but I do have some pretty cute kids and some life hacks you may find helpful soooooo drum roll please here we go… enjoy

6:00am- the hubs is getting ready for work I’m off today since I worked Saturday and Sunday (#ministrylife) I am faced with the choice to send the kids to pre school or keep them with me to redeem some quality time that I’ve spent chasing down ministry partners to give them commemorative pens.

The verdict is in I’m keeping all three today!!!! So we feast on cookies bananas and peanut butter in my queen sized bed and watch far too many episodes of Ninjago!

This is Lily 2 years old 20 pounds and a force of nature! This pic pretty much sums up the tude she’s been giving me all morning.

Meet Jude 3 years old and he thinks he is a Sithlord he walked around like this saying “look mommy I’m a Star Wars” this boy is silly and brilliant and refused to follow directions!

Ok it’s about 11:00 I’m feeling pretty good about myself by now. Why not start dinner #crockpotlife as a busy mom family 5 on a budget I cook  a lot to save money and I enjoy it. But I’m not going to lie gone are the days of roasting a rack of lamb with mint jelly all while wearing pearls. I do have my go to meals; I try to make them all quick or fix and forget so my crock pot gets a lot of mileage. Today I was super lazy about it and didn’t want to make gravy which I usually pour over he chuck roast while in the slow cooker. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best

Dishes done (check) stare at the rest of the house and pretend I’m going to clean it (check) Note to self why are there so many toys! Like way too many!

My kids are not veggie eaters so I’m always looking for ways to hide them in their food. I made this homemade tomato soup a week or so ago with lots of pureed carrots. I make it in bulk, pre seasoned with onions and portion it out in freezer bags. I throw it in my spaghetti for added veggies or defrost it for the kids’ lunch like I did today. I’ve got lots of little baggies of what nots in the freezer and none of them are labeled so actually putting this practice to good use is like a fun game of hide and go seek! It’s like my Pinterest side meets the real me and we all just close our eyes and hope for the best!!!! 

Enter stage left my newest addition Joey! He’s adorable and cuddly and honestly I am self conscious about how much time he spends in this rocker. Managing everything else in this life I find myself wondering if I’m short changing the youngest I only hope I don’t mess him up and that my friends are real mommy thoughts unscripted. (Yes my carpet is terribly stained! Between potty training spot cleaning, spilled apple juice and water bottles I think I may have given up)

Ahhh Mommy’s gotta eat too!!! I made myself a grilled cheese on the side figured the kids had enough carbs that day. Lol really I had enough carbs too but something special just for me gives me moments to hold onto where I feel like an adult. (Yes that’s a kid’s spoon don’t judge me)

I try to take time to enjoy the little things. My soon started meticulously staking his toys in the dinning room I would typically tell him to stop but both he and Lily were captivated by their new task. (New rule never interrupt a captivated toddler) this random pile of things including my shoe and a war tank my son called a birthday present for me! He was so proud so I took the bait and paused to enjoy him a bit.

One huge poopie 2 baths and three breast feedings later we find ourselves on an adventure to the doctor. All three kids and myself have been suffering the wrath of winter colds. After doing everything I’ve been told to do I figured I better just take them in to the doc to be sure. I’m worried they will see this mom of three as a newbie and wonder why I brought them in for a viral cold. Why do I even care about their opinions anyway (By the way #teampetty came out during our drive, this is a pic of a new QT which was built recently my husband and I argued about if the new gas station was a QT he said no I said yes I win! What what lol real life marriage goals include rubbing things in your spouse’s face)

At the doc with the three littles is it just me or does everyone stare at us wherever we go. Maybe I’m just making it up out people look at me with half pity and half elation. BTW this was before they got the flu shoot, notice the smiles 🙂

Cup number 3 of coffee today this time in ice form. Honestly I didn’t feel like I would make the drive home the exhaustion is slowly encapsulating me.

Overall the kids do a pretty good job while I’m out. This is not a coincidence but it’s the result of intense prep. First we have a come to Jesus meeting in the car before we get out about how they will be on their best behavior and not embarrass me. I come fully stocked with medium sized toys not small ones! I repeat not small ones! They will be every where. And most importantly I try to communicate with them about where we are going and what will happen next. A lot of acting out by toddlers is caused by not being able to control their environment every moment is filled with surprises and new discoveries so I try to cut down on over stimulation by over communicating. In this case I kept going over why they were getting flu shots what would happen 1st 2nd and 3rd and it worked like a charm!

3 sick kids 2 shots and 2.5 hours later we shut it down! Parking lot of the doctor’s office is empty!

7:30 a little late for dinner time guess the lazy gravy I made was a hit as you can see clean plates. Although we did bribe Jude to eat his food with the promise of a cookie they say you’re not supposed to do that… I say who ever made this rule is clearly not trying to feed a toddler on a regular basis

My hubs makes bomb homemade cookies it’s a simple joy and probably one of the reasons I have yet to loose the baby weight! lol I grab two after dinner I have now lost count of how many I’ve had I’m headed to sit down and relax for one of the first times in hours while the hubs preps the kids for bed and folds laundry.

Getting in some time with the lord is tough with three littles but a pre bed praise break with the kids gets my focus back on Christ! This is Jude praising as we watch CCM videos on YouTube.

Screen shot of article I scrolled through during my sit down break. This one caught my eye because I’m always wondering if my relentless coffee addiction is ruining my liver! Turns out according to this article which may or may not be a reasonable source, it’s not!!!! What what via le cafe!

Bae makes the kids fly before bed!

Hubs brushes their teeth I nurse the baby, he gets them in their pjs, we pray we sing or goodnight song, and Tuck them in bed.

The Hubs and I go from kissing each other tickling and whispering about the night time events to transpire to being a little bitter at each other because I thought he insulted my cleaning (which by the way I haven’t been doing very well-but hey don’t you dare say something about it lol) he says he wasn’t. We are still a little distant he goes to bed I plop down besides him and nurse to the office a moment of peace and quite in the dark after a busy day


Lol sis remember when…

8 years ago my world stopped for a moment. My sister Morgan didn’t wake up….
Now I can tell you about the super human strength God gave me, how he healed my broken heart and gave peace…
But I really just want to laugh for a moment , reflect, smile. Besides after 8 years memories get foggy I don’t want to forget so why not share it on my blog where I can always find it? If you choose to read along with me and remember my sis, get ready she was a trip!
Lol sis remember when we got angry with each other when we were little? We didn’t really want to hurt each other but we wanted to hurt each other so we would slap each other with clothes until we had no energy left and by the end of our clothes fight we couldn’t remember what started it in the first place!
Lol sis that crazy little dance you used to do! Remember “watch me move my torso” lol strange!
Lol sis egg plant boobies (you just had to be there)
Lol sis remember how much you loved food! You were always trim but I watched you eat 18 feet of sandwich in one setting! Or how we went to long john silvers and ordered a box of fried bread crumbles like two fatties 😉
Lol sis I know you didn’t think it was funny then but remember when you tricked me into going to the movies so you could meet up with your boo???? Dad walked in while I was having you paged on the intercom. Terribly perfect timing! “Lucy you got some splaining to do!”
Lol lavender baby oil… That’s all that needs to be said about that!
Lol remember golden skates doing dances we had no business doing? Remember you begged me to wear my cut off fubu shirt lol! Yes cut off fubu!
Lol remember all your Genuwine posters! One of them ripped and you screamed from the pits of hades!
Lol remember how sharing a room with you you had like absolutely no boundaries like none! I saw too much lol but that’s what sisters are for!
Lol remember when you shared a bed with Sarah and would threaten her with death if even her pinky toe crossed over to your side!
Remember being late to school because we had created a Barbie camp ground under the bed!!! Our Barbies were always in crisis food shortages locked out of their homes, always pregnant and we would make the labor noises! Sometimes we ran out of Ken dolls and had to use the brown bear. It was cool though he was the resident big man!
Lol remember in Florida we kept pretending to hit that man who talked too much in the head with that epically large gourd!
Remember that time I got home from overseas and we laid in bed and watched golden girls until we knocked out.
Remember when you went with me to watch my junior high boyfriend practice football and I tackled you to get some attention from the fellas…lol sorry about that.
Let’s see I could go on forever but here’s a couple one word associations to jog the memory!!
Poop in the sink (don’t ask)
Butt man (aka my brother) chasing us
Chick fila made you wear those safety shoes hehe
Spicy black bean burgers! When I bit into it I squirted roasted red pepper in mikes eye! Lol
Your thin whispery voice
Long hair and baby phat
Broken Barbie heads
Sailor moon, way too much sailor moon
Rationing frozen Reese’s cups
The knife fight (don’t ask lol)
Your strength
Your love
Your life