Discomfort begets changeĀ 

Is the longing  to do something real? The longing is real but is the source of it pure is what I mean to say. Is it selfishness or pride and angst that moves you forward or motivation to do more that is divinely  inspired. 

Discomfort, Dissatisfsction they act as drivers to propel you to take risks to change to push yourself 

The hard part is knowing which is real. Which one is simply the pea under layers of mattresses creating an ache in your side and which one is the passion the yearning and God given soul searching that causes you to birth something new. 

Discomfort begets change 


The Church’s Blind Side: Why Black Lives, Blue Lives, All lives Matter on Bible.orgĀ 

There is an unspeakable ache in my heart today, can you feel it too? Among the angst, frustration and bitterness, what I feel most is really disappointment. I am disappointed that that after years of striving to be a beacon of democracy, people can be left to bleed out in the streets, with no trial, no due process, and no convictions. I am disappointed that a band of heartless cowards decided to target police officers in my own city of Dallas….

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