Lol sis remember when…

8 years ago my world stopped for a moment. My sister Morgan didn’t wake up….
Now I can tell you about the super human strength God gave me, how he healed my broken heart and gave peace…
But I really just want to laugh for a moment , reflect, smile. Besides after 8 years memories get foggy I don’t want to forget so why not share it on my blog where I can always find it? If you choose to read along with me and remember my sis, get ready she was a trip!
Lol sis remember when we got angry with each other when we were little? We didn’t really want to hurt each other but we wanted to hurt each other so we would slap each other with clothes until we had no energy left and by the end of our clothes fight we couldn’t remember what started it in the first place!
Lol sis that crazy little dance you used to do! Remember “watch me move my torso” lol strange!
Lol sis egg plant boobies (you just had to be there)
Lol sis remember how much you loved food! You were always trim but I watched you eat 18 feet of sandwich in one setting! Or how we went to long john silvers and ordered a box of fried bread crumbles like two fatties 😉
Lol sis I know you didn’t think it was funny then but remember when you tricked me into going to the movies so you could meet up with your boo???? Dad walked in while I was having you paged on the intercom. Terribly perfect timing! “Lucy you got some splaining to do!”
Lol lavender baby oil… That’s all that needs to be said about that!
Lol remember golden skates doing dances we had no business doing? Remember you begged me to wear my cut off fubu shirt lol! Yes cut off fubu!
Lol remember all your Genuwine posters! One of them ripped and you screamed from the pits of hades!
Lol remember how sharing a room with you you had like absolutely no boundaries like none! I saw too much lol but that’s what sisters are for!
Lol remember when you shared a bed with Sarah and would threaten her with death if even her pinky toe crossed over to your side!
Remember being late to school because we had created a Barbie camp ground under the bed!!! Our Barbies were always in crisis food shortages locked out of their homes, always pregnant and we would make the labor noises! Sometimes we ran out of Ken dolls and had to use the brown bear. It was cool though he was the resident big man!
Lol remember in Florida we kept pretending to hit that man who talked too much in the head with that epically large gourd!
Remember that time I got home from overseas and we laid in bed and watched golden girls until we knocked out.
Remember when you went with me to watch my junior high boyfriend practice football and I tackled you to get some attention from the fellas…lol sorry about that.
Let’s see I could go on forever but here’s a couple one word associations to jog the memory!!
Poop in the sink (don’t ask)
Butt man (aka my brother) chasing us
Chick fila made you wear those safety shoes hehe
Spicy black bean burgers! When I bit into it I squirted roasted red pepper in mikes eye! Lol
Your thin whispery voice
Long hair and baby phat
Broken Barbie heads
Sailor moon, way too much sailor moon
Rationing frozen Reese’s cups
The knife fight (don’t ask lol)
Your strength
Your love
Your life



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