There is a lot about me to tell… I am a grad student, a minister, a daughter a friend a sister. I am also the new mommy of the most precious thing I have every laid eyes on BABY JUDE.. I have traveled the world , I  am bilingual, I am a salsa dancer, and I am trained to read historical greek and hebrew. I was a missionary, I once lived in a halfway house (more on that maybe…) I have slept on floors in far off places.

But all in all the greatest and most challenging journey of my life has been rolling up all of who I am into my new role as wife and mommy.  Now I am not saying that I have had to throw out all of who I am to play this new role but I have found that in less than a year’s time I have stepped into a different realm. One that is full of joy, and happiness, anxiety, faith, doubt, learning, self-righteousness and buckets of grace.. This new realm I have ventured in I like to call Wife & Mommydom. Thats what this blog is about and thats what I am about; finding my way through uncharted territory taking every step while holding on to the only hand I know to stand the test of time; holding on to Jesus and he lights up the way.


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