Practicing Prayer

My husband and I pray for each other daily before we leave the house. There was a time I was ashamed by how little I prayed and the fact that this quick prayer of blessing has been the only sustainable form of devotion Matt and I share together in our 3 years of marriage. (I am just being honest what has started and stopped so many devotional helps and reading plans I cannot even begin to name them all.)

I shared this with my mentor, holding up our little 15 seconds of prayer before the Lord did not seem like enough. It is great to have powerful people who know better than you to speak into your lives… “Don’t be ashamed of your small offering to God every morning.” she said, “Take it and build on it, make it routine use it as a banner to show that you are sealing your day with the Lord, demonstrate that behavior for your children and never take it for granted.”

Sometimes the weight of not doing enough can unfairly cast a shadow over the gravity of what you are doing.

I was reminded of this, this week. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth, my husband was late to work and rushing. He came in and laid his hand on my shoulder to ask God’s blessing on my day. I hear the soft pitter patter of feet rush to our side. It was my 2 year old son reaching up his hand to join the prayer. For that brief moment toothpaste, morning coffee and Curious George playing in the background was not important. My son dropped everything because he was familiar with our routine of morning prayer. Not only could he recognize it from affair but he was eager to join it.  The guilt of insignificance was swept away, as the thought settled it, We are creating an enduring legacy of prayer.

Now for the plug 🙂  “War Room” the latest movie from the Kendrick brothers (Fireproof & Courageous) comes out today. Its all about putting prayer into practice in your life. Very dear people I know are acting in this movie so you should God see it! Matt and I were able to attend the Dallas premier and all I can say is get ready it will challenge and change you.



3 years and 2 babies later…. Happy Anniversary boo


Oct 4th 2011 a couple of friends sitting around the table, Primanti Bros Sandwiches, and a bit of liquid courage and a young man decided to direct message a young maiden saying “I think your beautiful.”

August 24th 2015, a wedding, lots of fights, lots of laughter, lots of praying 3 years and 2 babies later here we are.

I lay next to him on a sleepy Saturday and propped my arm up over his chest. He snores.  My arm moved up and down with each long breath. I stared at his whispy beard, he is always threatening to grow out but he always cuts it off after a month. He has a fragrance about him. Not a bad one, not a particularly good one just a him one.

There was something about the concrete density of his body under my arm that reminded me that he is real. That we are real, that my life was real.

But Oct 4th 2011 friends, burgers, beer… and now you are mine and I am yours.