When I said I like serving my husband and meant it

I did the impossible and actually cooked a meal I had pinned on Pinterest Carne Guisado (Tejano stewed beef).

Cooking is not an out of the ordinary thing for me in House of Jacobs its part of how I contribute to this family.

Dinner time comes about almost without thinking as Matt and I take our our perspective roles he gets the kids in their chairs, washes their hands, I portion out the kids’ food to let it cool and often but not always I prepare my husband’s plate and bring it to him.

This particular dinner I was nervousness to present him with the meal as Matt is a picky eater. This was something I had never made before and I am not immune to the erroneous but hilarious pinterest fails so my husband has grown skeptical of anything from that site. I also slid some cilantro and onion into his warm tortilla without tell him which is a no no. He doesn’t like new things.

I watched with expectancy as he took his first bite. No immediate reaction I guess he likes it. But the true test of his experience is if he goes for seconds. To seem nonchalant about the whole thing I asked him if he wanted me to warm another tortilla for him  and he agreed…Score looks like the Carne Guisado  is not a total bust. Then something out of the ordinary happened he looked up form the table, the kids still fist deep in beef flying every which way, me still at the stove my own food having cooled as I tend to the others, and he says “Babe…. I really like when you serve me.”

There is is just something about that sentence, all of my  fembot training has told me to reject his sentiment. “Serve Him!!!! How dare he say that I serve him!” When that is in fact what I had been doing and often do throughout our marriage. But the very recognition of the word service seemed to slow my response.  My reply was not in any sense of the knee jerk variety, In fact it was thoughtful and calculating. I let this word serve float around in my head and said. “And I really like serving you.” Did I just say that and mean it? Yeah!!!! I really actually do relish in serving my husband. As I pondered the truthfulness of my own response I felt a wall come down. One that has told me that my womanhood is centered in my individuality not what I can bring to my collective whole which is my family. Instead of being offended that I was a servant, I felt honored and even better, thankful that my husband took the time to notice it.


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