My sin is not sexy

After much pondering, denial, and justification I have come to the fundamental understanding that I am LAZY! I even googled it, I wikihow’d the title “How to stop being a slob”

Ok I know you may be laughing now but this is not a joke.You know you are dealing with slothfulness or laziness as a sin when it burdens you. I procrastinate. I dream about accomplishing things I never start. I miss timelines, I am often late.  I know I have a problem. Waking up is the WORST! My I set my alarm 30 mins early I hit snooze a couple of times but somehow I get wrapped into the ultimate time waster-Facebook! Next then you know I have lost 30 mins of prep time.

I am sure right about now you are trying to come up with a way to give me a pass just as I often do. I have been fairly successful. I have completed multiple degrees, I have a family and being in full time ministry I have plenty of reason to need rest. But rest is not the issue….

God has no problem with rest; he often demonstrated it himself as a necessary means of replenishing to ready yourself for Kingdom Work.  Yet Ephesians 5  says do not be unwise! MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME! Why? Because there is there is work to be done! The days are evil and we as Christians are the only salt and light in the world. What a job that is. But yet when there is work to be done how often do we employ ” A little sleep a little slumber a little folding of the hands to rest.” Prov 24: 33
Making the Most of my time… I don’t think that is a biblical mandate to pound the pavement and spread the gospel every second of the day. But I do think it means to live intentionally,  live relationally, and it certainly could not mean that you should spend 25% of y our day on social media and scrolling through the journalistic mayhem of Yahoo front page.
There are times with the cloud of slothfulness lays so heavily on me I become even bored of my laziness. I think…. Hey You! Get up and do something. And even though I may want to get up alas, I go back to wasting time. I push up against deadlines, I am good at what I do, but I hurt myself and others when I so selfishly put things off until the last minuet.
My own procrastination has even caused financial strain when the idea is to just pick up the phone and pay a bill then I get stuck in a Friends marathon and forget the whole thing ever existed.
I write, speak and teach a lot which means that I have tuns of prep and study that I do. My husband is gracious in taking on the kids while I do this. But no lie I have had to say out almost have the night in prep for a class I knew I was teaching at least two months prior. The hubs was livid and I understand. My lack of diligence put the whole family in a bind.
This is sin. Its not pretty, Its not cute, Its not funny, Its not sexy its sinful. A sinfulness that typically rest in self indulgence of all kinds.
Its easy to hide a sin like this because no body ever talks about it. There are no support groups and celebrate recovery groups about the sin of lazy. I have no clue if there is a book on the topic (light bulb!)
I say sloth isn’t a sexy sin not that any sin is sexy, but it’s not popular. It’s not the one people stand up and say yes I have found victory over being a shlub.
Here I am being honest, Its not cool to say have I am naturally lazy but it is cool to seek help seek change and take sin seriously.


4 thoughts on “My sin is not sexy

    • thanks for the read and comment. It was just that I think that helped me to stop joking and start confronting this sin. When your actions hurt those you care about you realize that you are being selfish. Now for the transformation part I am praying and I am also being proactive

  1. This is so truthful! This is THE conviction I needed to get up off my lazy behind and quit procrastinating. The behaviors you described in this blog described me in every sense. I think by viewing my laziness as a sin, that will motivate me to to better.
    Thanks for sharing Christen!

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