The little things 

Mothers are constantly telling me to cherish the moments but between working and cleaning and pinning pins I will never actually get around to doing I often forget. 

Yesterday, besides the fact that I’m suffering from bronchitis, I decided to bust out my crock pot at 10:30pm and try my hand at a creamy chicken and wild rice dish I pinned just the day before. I was feverishly dicing onions while my husband gathered up the children for bed, and he shouts out, “ok it’s time to pray does mommy want to come pray with us?”

I thought to myself, maybe if I stay quite long enough they will just go ahead and pray so I can keep slicing celery… Then 11150669_10100725832477910_4102300406201662869_nmy tinny human came and slipped his two year old hand into mine. He led me into his room as I stepped over trucks and teddy bears. He hopped in the bed and waited for our family prayer to commence. 

We always let him say amen. He announces it with a big smile as if he just solved world hunger. Then we sing in 3 part harmony. Jude always giggles after the last note it never fails. 

I returned to the kitchen my onions and carrots were still there waiting for me. But that moment singing and praying. The way my little one came and guided me to join in on our little offering to the Lord, those are the moments you don’t want to miss. 


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