3 years and 2 babies later…. Happy Anniversary boo


Oct 4th 2011 a couple of friends sitting around the table, Primanti Bros Sandwiches, and a bit of liquid courage and a young man decided to direct message a young maiden saying “I think your beautiful.”

August 24th 2015, a wedding, lots of fights, lots of laughter, lots of praying 3 years and 2 babies later here we are.

I lay next to him on a sleepy Saturday and propped my arm up over his chest. He snores.  My arm moved up and down with each long breath. I stared at his whispy beard, he is always threatening to grow out but he always cuts it off after a month. He has a fragrance about him. Not a bad one, not a particularly good one just a him one.

There was something about the concrete density of his body under my arm that reminded me that he is real. That we are real, that my life was real.

But Oct 4th 2011 friends, burgers, beer… and now you are mine and I am yours.


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