To my husband on Father’s day

father's dayI wasn’t sure if it was possible for me to have a husband who is as great of a dad as my own father is (daddy you are fantastic happy fathers day! shameless plug in the middle of my blog about my husband!), and then came you! I see the spark in your eye when the kids giggle. I notice how our daughter leans her head against yours.

Jude intently watches your ever move trying to copy your very persona. He sees you. We see you. He sees when you pray for me and show me affection, he sees when you are engulfed in a bible study or playing the guitar and he so desperately wants to be you.  As a mom that is the most terrifyingly special gift for you to hold. There is one person who will shape my son like no other, and that is entrusted to you. And I must say as grave of a responsibility this is, I’m cool with it :-). I pray our son learns your passion and grace, I pray he is a jack of all trades like you. You can pick up something you have never done before and somehow be a master at it. Just yesterday we took Jude to put put golf. The little guy is two, never seen golf before, no one explained the game, but he watched with intensity. I brought him on to the course and he grabbed his aunts putter and intercepted his uncle’s ball at the hole, held it correctly and proceeded to putt that little thing from here to high heaven all the wow saying “OH NO” since he missed each time. He is so like you.

I remember when we took Jude to the big pool for the first time, he was ok as long as you were visible to him. Even though mommy was there, you are his comfort and you are his safety.

You’ve been gone this week so I’ve been filling in as his wrestling buddy. He saw me laying out and jumped on my back just like he would do to you. I tried to get with him and flip him around but alas I am a stand in.

Do you see how beautiful our baby girl is? Her eyes dance and her smile is infectious. She will look at you and know how a man should treat her. She will know how a man should address her by the way you address me. She will know what responsibility looks like because we can count on you. She will know what safety looks like because we can trust you.

I am so unbelievably blessed to be your wife and the mother of your children. You bring us all joy and we miss you so much!  Happy Father’s Day boo!


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