Day 14, If a joke falls on deaf ears, is it really a joke?: Facebook edition

14 days into my 21 day Facebook challenge and I find myself sinking into a deep extraterrestrial worm hole where facebook statuses and tweets go to die…. Ok I am a little dramatic we know that, but the fact is I miss being connected. I miss knowing whats going on! and I think I miss being heard most.

I do not lack actual humans in real life that I can converse with. I have a pretty robust social life and home life but I think my husband may be getting tired of hearing jokes I usually air on social media. I keep thinking up funny political satire, one liners and zings that fall flat into the land of nothingness. I came up with some atrocious puns the other day and shared with with a friend to no avail.  So that leads me to the question if a joke falls on deaf ears, is it really a joke?

I could analyze of of the psychological reason why my view of this represents a desperate need for validation but I don’t want to get too heady today. I just want to complain….well and this may be a slight work around but here are some things I have been thinking!

1. Since when did Chuck E Cheese bow to the god of consumerism? Is it not supposed to be a place “Where a kid can be a kid?” We took my son last night for his 2nd birthday and it was the first time I’ve stepped foot in one since I was younger. Let’s just say things have changed!  Chucke is no longer a rolly polly fluffy lovable mouse. He has been taken over by a health conscious slim version mouse one who eats salads. And by the way they now provide a fully stocked salad bar which was less then appetizing because it wdownloadas surrounded by the petri dish produced by hundreds of small children sneezing in prime allergy season.  And here is the kicker folks! I asked them what are the show times for when Chucke comes out and they play the animatronic showcase that haunted our dreams as children. It turns out they only provide this shows for reserved birthday parties!  Joke’s on you Chucke we just sat near a paid party so we could be a part of the show.

2. My husband and I had the chance to run around and play some games yesterday. I told him that ski ball has always been my game and every good arcade lover knows its where you get the most tickets. So I ask him if he wanted to know  my trick, I told its the “flick of da wrist, flack of da wrist!” Hahahaha!

3. I was helping my two year old play this little hippo game and I look down and some other kid was stealing his tickets! I mean what the gumballs people is this the world we live in!


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