The Day of the Lord

I am not going to lie, every once and a while I struggle with doubt. As a believer I walk by faith and not by sight. To believe in something you do not see is a difficult concept and counter to what we are taught in school; that seeing is in fact believing. But I am comforted by the fact that obvious cracks exist in one’s argument to only believe what you can see, to only feel what is tangible. We can feel the wind and know its there but we cannot see it. We know that a chair is made up of millions of molecules that we cannot see with our unassisted eye, yet we sit in it.

The fact is (and no one talks about this often) that doubt is a natural part of the Christian life. Even the great prophet Elijah after having seen God work miracles on his behalf, fled to the wilderness when Jezebel threatened him. He says “I have had enough, Lord,…Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” (1 Kings 19:4)

When doubt comes rushing in on me it is always like this….”What if it is all for not? What if after death one simply ceases to exist? (What a horrible idea that the beauty and complexity of the soul ceases to exist. But any way that is for another blog post lol)  What if there is no great getting up morning? No day of reckoning, nothing. Just finality. Just darkness. Just the end. The prideful, the “learned” as they call themselves, see my faith as trivial, un-evolved, the opium of the masses, a contrived way to answer questions to which there are no answers. The latest of discoveries in their pocket is what some call the “god gene.” When analyzing the continued pervasiveness of religious belief alongside of humanistic enlightenment, they believe there must be some defining reason for faith in light of how silly it is, yet it still remains. The “god gene” is a theory which states ones propensity to believe, is  simply a part of genetic evolution. Anthropological studies prove that faith in a god tends to lend itself to a longer and happier, more fulfilled life. Therefore those who had a propensity for faith won the “survival of the fittest lottery” in fortifying the chance to cope with life’s issues by looking to a god. God then becomes a mere placebo effect in their minds.

But what if that’s it?  In the pit of my soul I think, what if we have swallowed a gigantic placebo pill…God’s never failing  faithfulness towards me, his miraculous power, his healing love, his constant tangible presence in my life, does not stand as evidence in court against those who scoff. It does stand to reassure me. But let this scripture ring true since I cannot show ypascalou my personal experiences. While they are assuring, my personal experience is unnecessary to prove God’s existence. They truly pale in comparison to who God is, because God is and will always be the all mighty God despite what He does or does not do for me.

Isaiah 2:12-18 & 20-22 “The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled), for all the cedars of Lebanon, tall and lofty, and all the oaks of Bashan, for all the towering mountains and all the high hills, for every lofty tower and every fortified wall, for every trading ship and every stately vessel. The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day, and the idols will totally disappear.”

“In that day people will throw away to the moles and bats their idols of silver and idols of gold, which they made to worship. They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags from the fearful presence of the Lord and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth. Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?”

So I ask you, what if there is no day of reckoning, nothing. Just finality, Just darkness. Just the end? But what if there will be the  Day of the Lord and the King of Glory reigns in all His might? What if the pride of man, our learned leaders, our man made logic and enlightened thought, our idols are laid to waste?

Borrowing from the  great Philosopher & Physicist  Psacal, we all make this bet, or this wager with our lives; to believe or not to believe. The one who chooses to believe yet their belief is disproved, losing nothing in his wager, yet the one who chooses not to believe and his belief is disproved, he then, losing everything.

What is your choice?


4 thoughts on “The Day of the Lord

  1. What if you believe in the wrong God, because the correct one was revealed by Muhammad in the Quran, and God condemns you anyways? What if God doesn’t appreciate all this wagering and condemns you to a worse hell than if you didn’t believe? For that matter, what if God likes agnostics because they don’t pretend to know what He thinks, and condemns only religious people to hell?

    There’s another reason why atheists find Pascal’s wager unconvincing. Try believing that Earth is flat. Can you do it? If you can honestly convince yourself that Earth is flat, I’ll give you $100,000. You have nothing to lose!

    • The peoblem with believing the earth is flat is what we have seen pictures from space that prove otherwise. It is not the same thing when thinking about God because no one can prove God doesnt exist. It would seem the evidence shows that he does. Regardless to what one thinks of the bible the greatest puzzle is creation. Maybe you have heard of the argument called “the watch maker”? Essentially it says that nothing made with a design is witout a designer. The intricacies of a watch with its nuts and bolts did not half hazzardly come together and be a watch. Also the raw material of a watch metal and leather when together in a bag and left for thosands of years they do not under any circumstance become a watch. I cannot prove to you that God exist or that the God of the Bible as I belive is the one true God. In fact as a beliver thats not my job. My job is to share the gospel that man is inheritly sinful and because of that sin cannot garner favor for himself in the sight of a Holy God there is nothing he can do, no amount of praying of being good that can help. Therefor we need a bridge to get to God. So Jesus comes and sufferes on our behalf and pays for our sin with his very life and because Jesus sacrificed for for us, your belief in him
      Reconciles you to God the farher.

      • In that case, let me choose a better analogy: invisible unicorns. If you can honestly believe that invisible unicorns exist, I’ll give you $10,000.

  2. Pascal’s Wager isn’t meant to prove or disprove God but as an end all be all argument or an “agree to disagree.” If Christianity at the end is found to be a lie than it has no relevance. There’s nothing to gain or lose. Life just stops. But if Christianity is found to be true than there is much more of a significance. Once again not meant to convince anyone to change because let’s be honest people who are typically rooted in a belief don’t change unless something moves them to change by their own personal self experiences.

    Now your argument says if I honestly believe in invisible unicorns you’ll give me $10,000. I have no problem honestly believing in invisible unicorns for the rest of my life because there’s nothing to lose and 10 grand to gain…I take cash, check, or money order.

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