Tips For Working Moms

I dropped my son off without his shoes 😦 In light of my epic fail today as a pregnant working mother of a 15 month old, I decided to write a little blog on the working mommy tips I actually get right.

1. Find a place at work to nap! A bench a bathroom couch, supper comfy chair, or supply closet take a cat nap it will do wonders!

2. Apologize profusely about your lack of mental acuity. I typically pride myself on presenting ideas in an articulate manner yet at times it comes out as mush mouth in meetings 🙂 people will value your good work despite your glazed eyes

3. Packing lunch is Always a problem! I start off with the best intentions to mix together a chicken salad or build a burrito in the am but who has the time? So I pack a huge sack with the raw materials needed for lunch. Sliced Bread the entire pack of Colby jack, an entire heart of romaine lettuce. Sure it looks like your carrying a personal grocery store but who cares!

4. I have not mastered the 30 day meal prep I’m sorry I just can’t! I have downloaded the material from

Pinterest in total aww of the 50 meal prep items for 150 dollars. But it’s just not me! The other day I went to work with my dress on backwards then I wrote my skirt inside out the next day. So don’t be hard on Yourself not everyone can do the super mom thing. Also see number 5.

5. My husband is not the best cook. I love him, but he once asked me if he needed to peel the onion first -__-. But guess what men love to grill! And almost anything can be grilled! Hooray


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