Righteous Anger & Confidence

Studying 1 Samuel chapter 11, verse 6 caught my eye, “When Saul heard their words, the Sprit of God rushed upon him and he burned with anger.”

What was Saul’s anger about? The Ammonites were occupying part of the Land and intended to disgrace Israel by gouging out the right eye of every man in the city. The city cried out for a savior and Saul heard about the disgrace the Ammonites were attempting to bring on God’s people and he was angry!

Now this wasn’t the normal anger that makes one pout their lips, cross their arms and stomp their feet, allowing their passive aggressive nature to put on a great show, while accomplishing absolutely nothing. NO! this was an anger brought on by the Sprit of the Lord, one that produced, swift action, organization and most of all confidence in the Lord.

Notice in verse 9 Saul sends this word out to his people… “Say to the men of Jabesh Gilead, By the time the sun is hot tomorrow you will be delivered.” I love this! Saul’s Righteous Anger turned to Confidence in the Power of the Lord to achieve Victory. Not only did he KNOW they would be delivered but he proclaimed at what time deliverance would come! There is no evidence that Saul was given a vision of victory, a prophecy or even a promise. His confidence derived from the very nature of God’s person! The Almighty God and his position as a child of the King!

I have often marveled in such confidence, as we modern evangelical Christians have been so warned of making claims of God’s victories in advance. But remember little David, a soon to be King, was dumfounded when he found the Army of God shrieking in fear before Goliath. Again David had no explicit promise of victory but he acted solely on the confidence of the Name of our Great God. “Who is the uncircumcised Philistine..” challenging the Lord God of Israel! What a confidence in our great God. Lord Help us to stand on the grandeur of your name and power. That alone brings victory.


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