We Don’t Plan for God

Reading 1 Samuel chapter 8… its funny how we take things into our own hands and make plan’s for God even when the circumstances seem to justify us to take action. In this Chapter Samuel the Judge over Israel, was getting older and he appointed his sons to judge over Israel but they were wicked. It seems normal for the people to not want to be left under the care of these wicked judges so the approached Samuel and demanded to have a King. I used to read this passage and think, “well what’s so bad about that? Who wants  a wicked judge who does not walk in the way of the Lord to lead.” However God did not see it that way! He saw their request for a king as a rejection of his own rule. But why? Isn’t if fair to seek another option if the one set before you does not seem to fit in God’s ways? Well the answer is two fold. First one of the repeated reason’s for the people’s desire for the a Kings was so that they could be like the other nations led by a physical ruler. God’s plan for his people was to lift them up as different so they could be a witness to those around them yet they wanted what everyone else had. Secondly, even though the grim situation of looking for a righteous leader seemed to warrant an action, the action was not theirs to take. It reminds me of the scripture that warns us, to not lean to our own understanding to but seek understanding. Even when we know that something has to be done, we have to demonstrate trust that God knows what is happening and he also knows the best way to fix it. What are two wicked judges to the same God who parted the red sea? Can he not change the minds of Kings and win battles without even fighting? We don’t need to plan for God, he plans for us. We just need to trust he is big enough to handle what is confusing to us.


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