Viva le Romance!

usSo you’re a young married couple, holding hands, giggling, coping the occasional feel. On lookers say in a low sarcastic tone… “Oh they must be in the Honey Moon phase!” What is this Honey Moon phase really? How long does it last? Is there a ticking time bomb of impending doom threating to bring lifelessness and drudgery to my marriage?

Much like other young married couples my husband and I have been told that all the couing and cuddling will fade away. Well I don’t want that to happen! But is it realistic to think that my relationship will be the exception? Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I have had our fair share of blow outs but we love each other, we are affection and honestly he drives me WILD!

Just the other day I was relentlessly texting the hubs for him to call me when he had a moment. He left out of a meeting in  with a rushed tone, he wanted to know what was wrong. My response, “Nothing babe, I just miss you and wanted to talk to you” He replied “Well I thought it was an emergency!” … “No babe just an emergency of love!”

Ok I admit I even threw up a little in mouth when I heard myself 🙂 ! But it was the truth. He is my best friend and I wanted to hear him. I miss him when I am at work.

When I left that conversation with my husband I felt all lovie dovie, because we were in a good place; I could feel his love and he could feel mine. But I couldn’t help but wonder, how long will this last? How long will I continue to miss his voice, his smell, his kiss? They say it fades away so what is my time limit on this honey moon thing?

But who says their must be a  limit on love an affection! It would be naïve to suggest that a relationship does not have its dry spells. But I am declaring war on my ticking time bomb! I am consciously setting out to disbelieve the “Honey Moon” theory and keep feeling butterflies when my husband walks through the door.

Here is a list of ways to say Viva le Romance in your own extended Honey Moon; some of which have been passed down to me from wise counsel, and some I have found that just work for me.

1. Tell him he is hot all the time: I comment regularly on my husband’s attractiveness I want him to know I am his number one fan.

2. Try pet names: I read an article that couples whose marriages endure, typically had pet names for each other. What seems so simple is actually a sign of endearment. Some of my favs for my hubs, babe, sweet pea, honey, boo, booski :). As a matter of fact I call him babe so much, it actually feels strange to use his real name.

3. Hold hands often: Studies have shown that physical touch has a lasting powerful effect. Young families are busy, we have children, school and work. There isn’t a lot of time for romance, but what about reaching for your partners hand in the middle of your favorite TV show. What takes very little effort can show your husband he is desired.

4. Take walks: We are both in the battle for physical fitness, why not try doing it together. I find that our night walks make for great fun and great conversation!

5. Say and do inappropriate things when no one is looking: You can let your imagination run on this one. Remember to still honor God in public 🙂 But a pinch on the tuchus when no one is looking adds an exhilarating element to a relationship. It will feel like you are dating again!

6. Make a big deal about him when he comes home: The world runs both of you down during the day. When you reunite make sure your partner knows this is the best part of your day. Sometimes If I see my husband pulling up I greet him at the door with a kiss, or vise versa.

7. Buy little things for each other: Letting your husband know that you thought of him in line at the grocery store enough to pick up his favorite candy goes a long way.

8. Be his friend: This one I took from someone much wiser than I am, and this is from a man’s perspective. A husband wants a best friend, someone with whom he can laugh, cry and dream with!





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