Meet Mrs. Ella

I have a new friend named Mrs. Ella and I just cant seem to stop thinking about her. She hasn’t done anything drastically important or so profound, however she has wiggled into my long term memory and I have since become astonished by her.

Mrs. Ella is in her 80’s and you can tell it! Her bones are brittle, her skin hard and cracked, her hair cropped into little spindles as she tries to slick it down but they always look like they get away from her. Mrs. Ella uses a walker, not one of those old school ones with the tennis balls on the front (I never understood why they do that…), its flashy red, has wheels, and a little built in seat incase she needs to sit down; which is something she must do often.  I don’t know why Mrs. Ella can’t speak clearly. I study her every word as she seems to choke on every syllable. She speaks with a little wobble of her head and you have to pay pain staking attention to catch it.  

The first time I met Mrs. Ella it was after a ministry leadership meeting. I remember thinking to myself that she seemed too old to be there. The meeting was in the middle of the day, it was a meticulous training to go over strategic development. I am ashamed to say but it was the type of meeting you wouldn’t assume a lady like Mrs. Ella would be in. She just didn’t seem to fit. 

We all left the meeting in a scurry to get along to the next point of business on a rainy day. I pushed pass the polite conversation and burst through the doors while throwing up my umbrella to run along. I caught a glimpse of Mrs. Ella. She was propped up outside halfway under an awning still getting a little wet by the rain. She was seated in her fancy walker as if she had no where to go. 

I knew I should stop and ask if she was getting along ok. I reluctantly slowed down my hyper drive to check on this strange women in this strange scene. To my surprise Mrs. Ella was waiting on the bus! I could barely understand her so I had to ask twice! 80 something year old Mrs. Ella who could barely speak and barely walk, was out in the middle of the day, at a ministry meeting in the rain! And to top it all off…. SHE RODE THE BUS! This is particularly astounding to me because I haven’t had to use public transportation in the last 10 years. 

I can’t get Mrs. Ella out of my head. What excuses have I let get in the way, what business, what other nonsense things…Stopping me from serving God…and yet Mrs. Ella…


2 thoughts on “Meet Mrs. Ella

  1. That is real ! We put so many things that seem so important before serving God. Wow but she is not letting anything get in get way

  2. Mrs Ella really love Life on Life! Every Tuesday that you all meet is a very long day for her because she used the Handy-Ride or a Cab to get there. So she may leave the house about 8:00am and return back home about 4:00 pm; sometime 5:30 pm. She would not trade anything to go to Life on Life class. This let you know that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. I love Mrs Ella very much; she is my children Grandmother. I can go to her with what ever problem I may have. She is what you call a real devout Christian. Whatever she can do to help anyone she will reach out to help. We need more Mrs Ella’s in this world. She do not let her short coming stop her from God’s word. I love you very much Mrs Ella; I thank God for you every day. Love Carolyn Else

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