Here is a pervious blog I wrote about sudden infant death syndrome…faith and and parenting seem to be intertwined in my life how about you?

Death of Me

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

From the time of conception you will hear these words 1000 times until they are permanently engraved into your brain… Sudden Infant Death Syndrome! AKA SIDS.

SIDS is a terrible thing where infants die without cause. You will read, blogs (like mine) magazines, doctor pamphlets, galore that relay one study after another that talk about ways of reducing your chance of SIDS.  According to this array of studies you can reduce the chance of SIDS by not using crib bumpers, not using blankets, using white noise machines, co sleeping with your baby, having the baby sleep in a room with a ceiling fan, letting the baby suck on a pacifier etc, etc. It used to be common knowledge that babies were safer sleeping on their bellies now babies are safer to sleep on their back!

My mind started to drown in this long list of dos…

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