The Irony of My Life.

My Sweet little boy turned 5 months on Sunday and I am finally in that sweet spot where I can catch my breath! I have figured out the exact angle he likes to be held in order to go to sleep, I can decipher his cries, My husband and I no longer pull over and put the hazard lights on when he is screaming his head off in the back seat! (lol that actually happened New Parent Syndrome).  And this is the kicker… I am finally bold enough to whip out my boob in public when my baby is hungry!

I have calculated the amount of time I need In the morning to… jump in the shower, spend 15 minuets breastfeeding baby, get him dressed, sanitize his bottles, pack all of my breast pump supplies, load up any frozen breast milk, pack his diaper bag, make myself coffee, toast a bagel and balance 3 bags and my 20 pound baby as I walk down 2 flights of stairs… Drop of the baby and get to work on time! (kind of 🙂

Not only am I a mom, but I am also a wife. On top of all of this I am in full time Ministry. As if that wasn’t enough I am also in my final year of seminary!

SOOOOO the big question is how do I do it all? I get asked this question all the time. but the honest truth is I really don’t know the answer… I am a firm believer that humans have a fantastic ability to adjust to their reality. And adjust is what we shall do!  People assume that I should be stammering around like the Walking Dead but the truth is, I am having a blast, I am energized by my job, I am enthralled by my beautiful baby and I am so very happy! (Most of the time lol)

I have noticed that although I am not as physically exhausted as one may think I do have a mental fog that has settled over me and the forecast apparently is cloudy with a chance of rain for years to come. When people ask me if I am worn out I always think hmmmm maybe I should be more worn out.  Maybe I am fooling myself and I am headed towards a systems overload.

The truth is I just don’t really know right now, I am loving being a Mom, a Minister and a Wife and I don’t have everything figured out but I am taking things one day at a time. That is why I wanted to start this blog. Pampers in the Pew represents the irony of my life. Ministry and Home life colliding in a Women’s world is a topic that is barely covered. I mean how many ministers do you know have attempted to write a bible study while a baby was suckling at your teet 🙂 (I have done this!)

ImageSo when you ask how I do it all, I all I know is that God’s grace is sufficient and I have a Fantastic Husband who makes room for my life.



One thought on “The Irony of My Life.

  1. And you do it well. Sometimes when you tell me all of the things you do before you leave the house I am confused like what time do you get up in the morning ?! I believe that familiar verse mom drilled in us. ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ” which includes being a wifemommyminister 😉 go girl !

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